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"wait..." is a short screenplay partly inspired by true events. On the evening of December 15, 1995, a brutal incident occurred...almost taking the lives of Lansaw and her sister. After the attack, Lansaw suffered post traumatic stress disorder, causing severe anxiety while leaving the home at night. Although Lansaw has fully recovered, the 'what ifs' of the outcome being more detrimental still lingers in her head...thus inspiring a story about someone who allowed fear to overcome her existence.



Paige, a reclusive writer, suffers from an overwhelming fear of the dark and the outside world. She stays awake each night drafting the same story over again, as she envisions the brutal attack of two sisters. One evening while typing, noises echo from the attic. Curiosity ascends her to investigate, where she stumbles upon a box of remnants of the women from her visions. Is Paige being haunted or is it all inside her mind?


•Ava Gardner Film Festival - Smithfield, NC - September 2008

• Charlotte Film Festival - Charlotte, NC - September 2008

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