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"11:11" is a dramatic narrative ensemble feature film about the interconnectivity of lives and the effects timing and decision making have on destiny. Set in a rainy November amid a small industrial town where residents never leave and it's rare to see an unfamiliar face, a range of characters all experience transitional stages in their typically mundane existences. When an outsider passes through, this minor change creates a domino effect among the intertwined citizens of Union, Pennsylvania.

The script, "11:11", is a complex onion where the layers peel away as the story progresses. Real life issues are touched upon ranging from preparing for birth, suffering the pain of unrequited love, actively pursuing your dreams as impossible as they seem, caring for a mentally ill parent, getting married, struggling with alcoholism, moving to a new city, coping with the death of a loved one, to letting go of a goal as a result of inconvenient timing. Every character is at a crossroads and must make critical decisions in order to change his/her life for the better in the present, for that's the time in which they live.


Read about '11:11' at the Appalachian Film Festival.

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