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'The Complex' Synopsis


"The Complex" was shot in the summer of 2003. The 20 page script was produced for $35 in a single location, The College Green apartment complex where writer/director, Meg Lansaw, lived and worked as a leasing agent for four years. The script was inspired by months of unusual and frustrating encounters with residents and the general public. The script compiles the strangest experiences into one really bad day at work. The film's conclusion, the director's favorite scene, is set to the sounds of The Postal Service's "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" from the album "Give Up".


Liz, a resident and leasing agent at Willoughby Falls Apartments, is having a bad day. Beginning with a hangover and sleeping in, Liz rushes to work only to encounter the most moronic and annoying customers of her life. Will she make it through the daily grind without having a breakdown?

This film premiered at Wilmington's local "Tee Vee Show" in August 2003, but did not screen at any festivals.

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