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"11:11" is a dramatic narrative ensemble feature film about the interconnectivity of lives and the effects timing and decision making have on destiny. Set in a rainy November amid a small industrial town where residents never leave and it's rare to see an unfamiliar face, a range of characters all experience transitional stages in their typically mundane existences. When an outsider passes through, this minor change creates a domino effect among the intertwined citizens of Union, Pennsylvania. Read More.

Bloody Merry X-Mas

Bloody Merry X-MAS!   Synopsis:  A dumpster diver acquires a possessed box of Christmas ornaments that end up at a decorating party. BMX! was  a collaborative improvisational piece comprised of the talented Dixon Stetler, Matt Malloy, Cathy Meriam, Meg Lansaw, Allison Ballard and Hickory (the dog). Shot in one night (plus a shot) in the neighborhood of Sunset Park in Wilmington, NC for under $50! The inspiration… a coffin & incredibly tacky Christmas decorations!
Experience Bloody Merry X-Mas.

The Complex

"The Complex" was shot in the summer of 2003. The 20 page script was produced for $35 in a single location, The College Green apartment complex where writer/director, Meg Lansaw, lived and worked as a leasing agent for four years. The script was inspired by months of unusual and frustrating encounters with residents and the general public. The script compiles the strangest experiences into one really bad day at work. The film's conclusion, the director's favorite scene, is set to the sounds of The Postal Service's "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" from the album "Give Up". Read More.

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